Barn Owls Portable Buildings

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Making a Delivery


Unloading A Building

This is an example of one of our haulers making a delivery. He begins by pulling up, on the main road, infront of your driveway. Next, the trailer is raised and the building is unstrapped. The trailer is equipped with a wench that is used to push the shed down to the ground. Once the skid ends are touching down the driver will drive his truck out from underneath the remaining area of the building that is still on the trailer.

Moving A Building

The Mule is a very helpful tool that is similar to a forklift. Once the driver has the Mule off of his truck he will use it to lift one end of your building and proceed to place a dolly wheel under each skid. Afterwards, he will take the Mule to the opposite end of the building, lift it level with the end with the dolly wheels, and drive your building where you want it placed. This will be reversed when it's dropped it in it's final location.